High quality frames and lenses to suit all faces

At Greg Sly Bellarine Eyecare, we are proud to offer an extensive array of high quality spectacles to suit a range of personalities, styles, needs and budgets. We stock a large range of frames from various manufacturers and fashion brands offering a broad choice.

High Quality
Each of our frames and lens options have been handpicked by us, guaranteeing that every pair of glasses we sell is of exceptional quality. You won’t be let down by poor quality glasses that break easily or need constant readjustment. There isn’t a pair of glasses in our shop that we wouldn’t recommend to our closest friends and family. We are as proud to sell them as you’ll be to wear them.

Shop Local
When you purchase a pair of glasses from Greg Sly Bellarine Eyecare you are supporting a local business and ensuring your money stays in the region.

Our Frames
We stock a large array of unique frames that you won’t find in a chain store. We handpick each of our frames, focusing on:

  • Materials – we only sell glasses made from high quality materials and have a range of options to suit a variety of tastes including acetate frames, titanium and flexible titanium frames, and aluminium frames.
  • Design and style – we stock an array of designs that will suit a wide range of different styles. Whether you’re looking for something conservative or modern and trendy, you’re bound to find something you love in our store. Our frame designs include full rim frames, semi-rim frames and even rimless frames. We also stock numerous sizes to suit all face shapes and head sizes.
  • Colour – we also offer a range of amazing colours to suit different tastes.
  • Function – we make sure that our frames not only look great but are functional and practical. We’ll ensure that the frames you choose are strong and durable and also light and comfortable.
  • Price – no matter what your budget is, there’s something for everyone at Greg Sly Bellarine Eyecare. We have everything from affordable frames for the budget conscious to more expensive fashion frames for those looking for something high end and exclusive.

One of our dedicated and highly skilled Frame Advisors will help you choose a frame that suits your needs and tastes, while also looking good on your face. When you come to collect your frames, a Frame Advisor will fit the glasses and make sure you are 100% happy.

Our Lenses
In addition to our great range of frames, we also have a large selection of lenses to choose from. Our lens range focuses on:

  • Function – our lenses cover all your needs including:
    - Single vision for simple tasks like reading, computer, TV, driving or sport.
    - Extended near vision, which are fantastic for reading, deskwork and prolonged computer use.
    - Bifocal for simple near and distance tasks; and
    - Multifocal which come in many designs suited to everyday tasks that we encounter in our busy lives.
  • Material – we’ve chosen high quality materials which offer the best performance as well as appearance. Our lenses are thinner, lighter and stronger.
  • Features – other benefits offered by our lenses include quality anti-reflective coatings for clear vision in all conditions, special coatings that protect your eyes from the blue light of your computer screen, or polarised to protect your eyes from glare. Our lenses can also help reduce and protect your macula from harmful rays.
  • Safety – our safety spectacles meet industry standards and are safety certified.

We also have an excellent collection of sunglasses for both prescription and non-prescription wearers. Our range features sunglasses from reputable brands and manufacturers, including fashion sunglasses, and sports sunglasses.

Swimming Goggles
Unfortunately, our vision still needs correction underwater. Make sure you can see when you hit the water with a pair of high quality prescription swimming goggles. We have a selection of readymade swimming goggles with pre-chosen lenses, or can create prescription swimming goggles especially for you. Our swimming goggles are cost-effective and functional. There are three different bridge widths to choose from to suit both children and adults.

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