First visit to Greg Sly Bellarine Eyecare

What to expect on your first visit to Greg Sly Bellarine Eyecare

We provide each of our patients with tailored and focused individual care. We strongly believe you should not be rushed through your eye examination, so we allow 45 minutes for our full consultation. In that time we’ll go through your history, any problems you may be experiencing and carefully examine your eyes so that we can offer the best optical and eye health solutions and recommendations.

We’ll be assessing:

  • Your level of unaided vision
  • Your level of vision with any current glasses or contact lenses
  • The measurement of refraction when using your eyes for distance, reading and computer work
  • Your vision with a new refraction
  • The best possible optical solutions based on your needs and personal preferences

Our consultations also include a close examination to determine whether your eyes are normal and healthy or are showing any signs of disease or eye conditions including cataracts, pterygium, corneal disease, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes eye disease, retinal vascular problems related to high blood pressure or high cholesterol, conjunctivitis, iritis, allergic eye disease.

This process includes:

  • Slit lamp examination of the front parts of the eye – cornea, lens and anterior chamber.
  • Slit lamp or ophthalmoscope examination of inside of eye including the retina, macula, optic nerve and vitreous.
  • Measurement of intra ocular pressure and corneal thickness.
  • Other tests may include assessment of colour vision, binocular coordination, ability to change focus from one distance to another, peripheral vision, headaches, visual disturbances or other unusual symptoms.

We’ll go through our findings with you, and discuss our recommendations in detail. Should any of our findings suggest a problem, we’ll discuss what that means for you and how your condition can be treated. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure you are receiving the best care.

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