Our Technology

We use the latest technology and advanced diagnostic eye care equipment to ensure we’re doing the best we can for you and your eye health.

This technology includes:

Slit Lamp – a high-powered microscope that allows us to examine your eyes in detail. This instrument allows us to accurately diagnose certain diseases and also remove any foreign objects that might have become embedded in your eye. We can take photos with our slit lamp to use for reference at a later date and monitor the difference in your eyes over time.

Combined Digital Retinal Photography and Infra-red scanning technology (OCT) – allows us to take extremely high resolution photos and infra-red scans of your retinal tissues in order to examine your retina, macula and optic nerve areas in minute detail. This will aid with the early detection of glaucoma and macular degeneration, and also monitor the progression of both diseases.

Computerised Visual Field Analyser – an instrument which allows us to analyse your peripheral vision. This helps us detect signs of glaucoma, monitor progression of glaucoma and analyse unexplained loss of vision or visual field. This instrument also helps us assess your suitability for driving.

iCare Tonometer – allows us to measure intra-ocular pressure, simply and easily. This helps us to diagnose glaucoma.

Pachymeter – this measures the central corneal thickness, which adds to the accuracy of glaucoma diagnosis.

Automated Lensometer – which allows us to measure the prescription in your current pair of glasses without needing a prescription from your previous optometrist.

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