Trusted Eyecare Services

At Greg Sly Bellarine Eyecare we offer a range of high quality services designed to give each of our patients the best possible care.

Our services include:

General Eye Examinations
We conduct thorough eye examinations for people of all ages. We work closely with each of our patients, tailoring our examinations to match their exact needs. We give our patients the care and attention they deserve in order to uncover any vision impairments or conditions that affect the eyes. We take great pride in explaining our findings in simple terms you will understand so you can make the best decisions about your visual needs.

Specific Eye Examinations
We also conduct specific eye examinations to closely assess a range of conditions and situations including:

  • Diabetes – we’ll liaise closely with your GP and create a long-term care plan
  • Glaucoma – we’ll work with your ophthalmologist to create a tailored care plan
  • Macular degeneration – our latest technology allows us to make an early diagnosis and monitor the progression of macular degeneration
  • Low vision assessment – we can provide vision aids in addition to glasses to help you make the most of the vision you have
  • Children’s vision assessment – we have extensive experience examining and treating children with vision problems. We’ll ensure your child can see as clearly and as comfortably as possible to give them the best chance of learning to their potential.
  • Suitability for laser refractive surgery – we’ll closely examine your eyes and provide our advice on whether or not laser eye surgery is right for you. If we believe you are a good candidate for laser refractive surgery, we’ll provide you with detailed and accurate information and will refer you to a reputable centre in Melbourne.
  • Reports of Visual Status for VicRoads, the Marine Board or for applications to the Police Force or Army.
Trusted eyecareTrusted eyecare
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